Accurate Plastics ~ Thermoset Plastic Product Data Sheets

Accurate Plastics's Product Data Sheets provide product information regarding our primary products including Epoxyglas, Phenolfab, Phenolkraft, Melaglas, Siliglas and Accuply. The information includes product and application descriptions as well as information regarding the electrical, physical and thermal properties of the products. For information on specific products, please click the corresponding links below. For additional information or questions, please call us toll free at 1.800.431.2274.

Epoxyglas G10/FR4

Epoxyglas G10/FR4 more information
(PDF - 540KB)

Epoxyglas G11/FR5

Epoxyglas G11/FR5 more information
(PDF - 158KB)

Epoxyglas G10 non-FR4

Epoxyglas G10 non-FR4 more information
(PDF - 107KB)

Epoxyglas G11 non-FR5

Epoxyglas G11 non-FR5 more information
(PDF - 188KB)

Epoxyglas WR

Epoxyglas WR more information
(PDF - 184KB)

Epoxyglas ESD

Epoxyglas ESD more information
(PDF - 184KB)

Phenolfab C/CE

Phenolfab C/CE more information
(PDF - 105KB)

Phenolfab L/LE

Phenolfab L/LE more information
(PDF - 106KB)

Phenolglas G3

Phenolglas G3 more information
(PDF - 104KB)

Phenolkraft X/XX

Phenolkraft X/XX more information
(PDF - 106KB)

Phenolkraft XX/XXX

Phenolkraft XX/XXX more information
(PDF - 106KB)

Melaglas G5

Melaglas G5 more information
(PDF - 106KB)

Melaglas G9

Melaglas G9 more information
(PDF - 106KB)

Silglas G7

Silglas G7 more information
(PDF - 106KB)


Accuply more information
(PDF - 168KB)

Phenolfab CYBS

Phenolfab CYBS more information
(PDF - 963KB)

Matrix HT

Matrix HT more information
(PDF - 491KB)

Epoxyglas G10-CR

Epoxyglas G10-CR more information
(PDF - 188KB)

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber more information
(PDF - 174KB)

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